Hubert’s Lemonade is seen all over the internet in all different places. I decided to try out some of this rapidly growing popular lemonade. Hubert’s Lemonade has different flavors: regular, strawberry, raspberry and maybe one other flavor. I got strawberry for myself and raspberry for another person. I did get a photo with both of them, though!


Taste: The lemonade is very good. The strawberry and raspberry taste very similar, though, and drinking a lot of the lemonade at once can make your throat feel a little stuffed. It tasted a little too sweet or too sour at times. Compared to other brands such as Newman’s Own, it was about the same taste and texture. It was rather delightful to drink.

Packaging: The glass bottle is tall and smooth. It has a cap with a little saying from the company on it. Another company, Snapple, also has a glass bottle with a cap and saying. The difference is the width and height. Hubert’s Lemonade has a very tall and narrow bottle. The happy lemon you see pops out at you and the label is a clear sticker. Being able to see the actual lemonade makes the product look much more colorful is also very good.


Hubert’s Lemonade overall is very good. The taste is ok and the bottle is very pretty. Hubert’s Lemonade stands out for its looks a little more, but the actual taste is not eye-catching. I would buy this again.

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