Boxed Water Is Better is a brand for water. The unique difference is that  the water comes boxed. The company says lots of things about how the box is more environmentally friendly than a plastic bottle. The company started in 2009, so it is a fairly new thing. You can see lots of photos around on Instagram of people drinking the water. I decided to try this growing phenomenon for myself to see if the water was as good as everyone is saying.

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I got my Boxed Water Is Better from a local store, but only certain stores are carrying it. To see if a store near you is carrying the boxed water, go onto the website, there is a place to see which stores carry boxed water. If your store does not carry boxed water, then you can tell the company of that store or the store itself and reach out to them both. Boxed water is sold throughout the USA, Canada, Australia, Mexico and China that I know of. My Boxed Water Is Better costed $1.49.


My boxed water is the smaller size, 16.9 fl oz. or 500 ml. The cap is actually on the other side of the box, where the information about the boxed water is. My first thoughts were that this box is pretty cool looking! The design is super simple and each side of the box is very nice and clean looking. But I was worried that the box would get soggy from holding water. I know milk is also carried in the same kind of container, but I still worried. When you feel the box, it feels almost wet and is very smooth, but there is some kind of coating that makes the box not get wet from the water. I put my water in the fridge and it stayed there for awhile. When I took it out, the water was cold and the box was not leaking.Very happy about that!

This is one side of the box. It is very simple and says hello in cursive.

The taste of the water is my least favorite part of this. I love the box, the designs on it, the good quality and the story of them being more environmentally friendly. But the taste was not the best, to be truthful. The water is very clean and on the box says it is purified. All good. But then I drank the water and it tasted a little bit plastically and papery. Not a great taste. It tastes like how the box itself would taste. Not very good. I do not mind drinking the rest of this water, but the taste is not that pleasant. So if you buy water for the taste, you might want to think twice with this company’s water.

This is the other side of the box, opposite the hello side.

My boxed water is sitting with my stuffed animal mouse. Very cute!

The boxed water is very visually appealing and lots of famous people are now drinking it and taking selfies with the water. Lots of these photos are seen on Instagram, but also, people are just seeing it on Tumblr and Twitter and YouTube. It is starting to gain momentum from the internet. You might be very tempted to get a bottle just to take photos with it, but it does cost money. Drinking water from the tap is just as good!


But even I have to admit, taking cool photos of it is fun! I took one with an old Lush magazine and one with my mouse. Boxed bottles vs. plastic bottles, well, neither is the best. Tap water in a reusable bottle is the best way to go for the environment. This boxed water is trying to say to have paper instead of plastic. 76% of the boxed water is made using paper. In the future, I might get Boxed Water Is Better over a plastic bottle of water. But I will not have this be my norm. I regularly have a reusable bottle with me instead.

Thanks for reading! Read this for information on boxed water!

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