Hello everyone! Sorry I have not posted as much! Anyways, I have recently really gotten into collecting alpacasso, plushie alpacas. This is an opening of my first alpacasso.

The store is Tokyo Otaku Mode and is a very great store! They sell authentic alpacasso and lots of other good products.

My alpacasso is from the Rainbow series and is the biggest size.






So adorable and cute! Also very soft and stands up by itself. I forgot to keep the tag and lost it somewhere, sadly. But I need keep the other things that come with each Otaku Mode package.



This is the folder that comes with each order you get. Made from plastic and is very bendy, but does not break easily, you can use as a folder.

Lets open it up!





Inside is a postcard and a button that says Tokyo Otaku Mode. Very cute things that come in a plastic sleeve. There is also a paper with your order that I have excluded in this.




My alpacasso came pretty quickly, in about 2-3 days excluding the weekend. Very simple to order on the website and good quality pictures as well.

I will definitely be buying again from here and recommend you do as well!

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