Hello! I have not posted much, I post more on the Instagram right now than on here. But I have a second unboxing review to share! This is from quite a long time ago, all the way in May, but was never posted. These are the second alpacassos I got, after the pink alpaca! This is from Daystyle a very nice and wonderful company!



This is the package. The alpacassos I ordered were not in a box, which I was perfectly fine with! I just wish that there was cardboard against the papers inside the package, since I received various papers in this.


Here are the three beauties I got! This package was very compact! These are from the Love Berry alpacasso series. They are babies and 33cm. I got all three of the large ones, but in the series there are more alpacasso. You can only get these three in the series as large, though! They were in great condition once I opened the package!


This is the bag of freebies I received! With many authentic alpacasso sellers, they will give you freebies! Not all, but most. The bag is the size of a goodie bag and was wrapped with a twist tie to secure everything.


This is what was inside the freebie bag! There are some loose leaf memo pad sheets, which are all super adorable! There is a variety of Japanese candy and there is a cute drawing of the alpacassos I bought. I thought this was very sweet of Daystyle, they even wrote a nice note!



The last thing in the package was the freebie poster! I love this so much, it is so cute and most authentic alpacasso sellers do not give these away! I felt so lucky to have received this! It is the poster to the Love Berry alpacasso series, which was the series I received. I wish there was cardboard that could have been against this, but oh well! This is not bent, the only bends are from the folding, which I am fine with.


I tried all of the candy I received right after I opened this package, but I can post that as a separate post since there were so many candies!


Daystyle is a very good company. They sell many other products besides alpacasso, but they are super nice and sweet and carry authentic alpacassos. I do not see as many people in the alpacasso community buy from them since many buy from the smaller shops or from Tumblr and Daystyle is a big company. But I really like Daystyle and will definitely buy again! My collection of alpacasso is much bigger than four, so I can show a few more unboxing posts!


Thanks for reading!


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