So it has been a week since I first started my book challenge! I wanted to update you all on that and talk about the blog’s Instagram @hannahslovelylifestyle


For week 1 I successfully completed two books! I read Nowhere But Here by Katie McGarry and Things We Know By Heart by Jessi Kirby. Reviews of each book I read during this summer will be up, but they will be separate and might not be posted until later in the summer. I just want to update everyone on the book challenge each week so you know my progress.


For week 2, which is happening right now, I have already read one book! The Young Elites by Marie Lu was read on the first day of the week, Sunday, and finished on Monday. I am going to start my second book, which will be Since You’ve Been Gone by Morgan Matson.



Yes, I have started an Instagram for this website so that everyone can see previews of what is to come on here and see fun extras of my life! The name is @hannahslovelylifestyle. Totoro is a small stuffed plush that will accompany me on there and he will be in most photos. Not all of them, but most! So keep an eye out for him, something might be happening that has to do with him. *wink-wink*

Pusheen might also be in some photos on Instagram so keep an eye out for her! I just got her and she is in my Cute Collective Haul post!


Thank you all for reading, i hope you have a lovely day!

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