I am using a Moleskine grid journal. I purchased this at my local bookstore for around $20.

This is my key and index. I wanted to use pencil so that if I made any mistakes I could easily erase them. I will go over everything in pen later.

This is a close up of the key since the writing is so faint! To find out all the symbols you can go to the Bullet Journal website.

This is a close up of the index. There isn’t much, but I do have a line in between the subject and the page numbers. I just like the way this looks a little more than writing the page numbers right after the title.

The daily view of the months! I have a flag down the page to mark the day and then write my tasks to the right of it. I really like this way, but I think I will be doing a weekly view as well to help my planning.

So far, having a bullet journal is very helpful for getting all your tasks organized in one place. I think that it will really help me with all the schoolwork I have and I cannot wait to continue this journey!
Thanks for reading and have a lovely day!

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