Hey guys! I recently went shopping at my local Marshall’s, and I found some great finds! These clothes I am showing today are some great Spring clothes that I cannot wait to wear. I will include the actual clothing company that sells each item because every Marshall’s is unique, so you can try to find an item if you like it. Also, sorry about all of the wrinkles, I need to iron some of these clothes because they have been stuck in a bag for a few weeks as I have no actual closet with hangers right now.


The first item I picked up is a pink bomber jacket. Bomber jackets are very in right now and I see them everywhere. I found this light pink satin one that has floral embroidery designs on both sides. There are no pockets on this jacket, which is the only thing I do not like about it. There are 1980’s elements in this jacket, with the embroidery and the stripes on the edges. This jacket is very lightweight and is perfect to throw on during a colder Spring day. This is from the company Romeo and Juliet Couture.


This top is very flowy and has a lot of movement to it because it gets wider at the bottom. It has an elastic collar and is very stretchy. The sleeves have a cute cutout and a tie at the bottom, which is a nice little something extra. I really like the nice floral pattern with the darker berry-maroon background. This top would go great with a pair of high waisted denim shorts, or a pair of solid colored shorts. I think this type of comfortable yet nicer looking shirt is a must in anyone’s Spring closet. This shirt is from the company Pink Rose.
I love this shirt. It is super stretchy and made out of the softest material. It has a baseball-tee look and instead of a pocket, it has a graphic of a cute panda with the words “I ain’t lazy” underneath. This shirt just about sums me up. Please excuse all the wrinkles, I need to iron this before I wear it. This is a great t-shirt for the Spring and Summer because it isn’t a heavy material and is very comfortable. It is a nice casual shirt you can throw on with a pair of your favorite jeans or sweatpants. The tee is either from the company Sage USA or Gage USA, I cannot clearly read whether it is an s or a g.


This kimono is so pretty! It is a gauzy and sheer type of material. It is about knee length, it is a little longer on me since I am very short. I can always hem this if I want to. It has this nice little diamond shaped pattern all around the front and back and at the opening has a nice more detailed design on both sides. The exact same detailing of the linear pattern is on the back as well. I think kimono’s are also becoming very popular right now and are great for Spring to put over a shirt and shorts or tight fitting dress. I liked this one in particular because it is mainly black, so it can be styled in more ways. The company this is from is called Angie.


This is a very cute tank top. It is this baby blue color and has nice detailing on the front with small cross/tie pattern. The material is so stretchy and soft. Tank tops are great to have for those hotter days in the Spring and Summer. They can be styled in so many ways. I think having a variety of different styles is good as well because you can layer things with a tank top, either putting sweaters and jackets over it or having a simple shirt underneath. This is from the company Bozzolo.



Lastly, I have this great pair of shoes. These are sandals and they have a cross pattern going over the top and then strings that tie at the ankle. They are so pretty and bohemian-esque. I don’t have any fancier shoes right now, so this pair of sandals is a great addition to my collection. I feel like I have been seeing so many sandals that have the different cross-type patterns with various ties. These are great to wear to a party, a festival, an event. The color is also a nice brown that works well with other colors and patterns. These shoes are from the company Unisa.




Thank you for reading, I hope you liked this haul. Maybe it even gave you some inspiration on what to wear or buy for the Spring and Summer! If you want to see these clothes on, just ask. I can attach some photos to this post or include a video.

Have a lovely day!

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