Hi everyone, I wanted to talk a little bit about how I stay healthy and active, specifically the workouts I do. First, I want to share my history of staying active. I started going to the gym to box and do martial arts about 2 years ago, and that’s been great so far. But I started going a lot less simply because the classes are at times that no longer fit into my schedule as well. In the fall, I played volleyball and was SUPER busy and active. I definitely got my cardio in! But afterwards, I just did not have the energy to go back to the weekend classes as consistently as I had been before. Life got in the way, as it usually does. Now, I do still go to the gym, but my daily exercise comes more from my at-home workouts.

My at-home workouts consist of YouTube videos- yay for free classes! You really don’t need to have a gym membership to be able to workout. YouTube is a great resource for quick and easy workouts. The videos I especially like are the ones that you can follow along with- they actually work out in the video and you just copy them. Some channels I love are Boho Beautiful and Blogilates. They have lots of different challenges that target certain areas of your body and are both legit. Juliana and Cassey have many different workout videos to choose from and know what they’re doing. I also think that Abby Pollock is a good channel if you want to learn about building muscle and really what the body is doing when lifting and working out. She is great in giving advice, but her videos are not ones that you can follow along to.

Another great resource is Instagram, which has lots of videos. The only bad thing about Instagram is that some of the videos are not true and give you a false perception of “if you do this, you’ll look like me.” I think Instagram is great for looking at pictures and videos that show you how to do an exercise or stretch correctly. I also think certain Instagramers are the real deal and know what they’re doing, you just have to find the good ones! Some accounts I like are @mytrainercarmen, @alexia_clark, @yongxianyoga, and @nessasphere. @mytrainercarmen and @alexia_clark have videos of their workouts, @yongxianyoga has pictures of herself in yoga poses and of the right vs. wrong way for poses, and @nessasphere has food diary’s of what she eats in a day. There are so many amazing accounts, but I just wanted to have a little variety to show you all some examples.

The last great resource would be different blogs and websites. Many people on Instagram and Youtube that are focused on fitness and health have their own program or their own blog. Look around, because I have found some great ones. The nice thing about these people on Instagram having their own blog is that on there, they will go more in-depth with everything and you can really learn a lot more. People with their own  fitness programs are also great, but these programs do cost money. Most likely, the programs are ones you can do at home and have their own set schedule, so that is definitely a plus.

Now that I have finished talking about these different resources and where I find information, I will talk about my personal routine. I do a 20 minute yoga video every morning. This stretches my muscles and makes me feel more awake. It also helps me calm down for a bit before going into my daily schedule . Right now, I’m doing this one. I will switch the video to a new one every now and then. Again, I use YouTube videos for my entire workout and yoga. I have some background in yoga, having attended various classes here and there. If you are a total beginner, I would recommend seeing someone just to get you started, or watching a video that explains the most basic poses and what yoga is all about. I see new poses in yoga videos all the time that I have never seen before,but I just try them out and attempt to copy the pose. Then I might look more closely into the pose.

In the afternoon/early evening I workout. I like doing the challenges on YouTube that Boho Beautiful has, so I will look to see what I am doing for the day I’m on and then do what is instructed. It will be going through a video once and then maybe there is another video I need to do afterwards. I just finished this challenge. After that, if I feel like I can do more or want to workout even more, I will find another video to do that targets whatever area I want to work. This is totally based off of my preference, so do whatever videos you want. The only thing I’ll say is that you should find a workout and then do it a few times throughout the week, because repetition is key. Then you can add on after that. But doing a certain video, for example an arm workout, multiple times throughout a few weeks, will give you more results rather than doing it once in a blue moon. Target a specific area and be consistent in working that area more than once in a week.

I love doing yoga after I workout, so I will do 1 or 2 more yoga videos afterwards. This gets my heart rate slowed down and gives my sore muscles a nice stretch, which is important. Even if you do not do yoga after working out, definitely make sure to stretch! For the yoga videos I do, I just find one that looks nice. What is nice about Boho Beautiful’s challenge videos, is that she will include some of her yoga videos that will help you stretch out your muscles in the description below. I don’t really feel the need to do the same video multiple times in a week, but I do have certain videos that I will go back to just because I liked them more. Being consistent in my post-workout yoga videos is not as big of a deal to me, but it will definitely benefit me if I am. There are definitely some videos I am more consistent with doing. Here is a link to Boho Beautiful’s playlist of all her yoga videos.


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